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Faulty iPhone Charger Cable

Posted By on Jan 25, 2016

Does anyone have any idea on how to fix this cable?

I have found a video online that is quite similar to the problem that I am facing with my cable.

And before you ask, yes I tried the method in the video, and no it didn’t work

Anyway I thought I should ask the users of my blog, as I know you guys are quite techy.

So yes if anyone has any idea on how to fix my iPhone charger cable, I would love to hear your response!

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Clubbing in Auckland

Posted By on Jan 14, 2016

Clubbing in Auckland.

I’ve been an 18 year old for nearly a year now. So as you can imagine I’ve had my fair share of clubbing moments, in that time.

However I thought I would share one particular story on the blog for you today

1 – The night it all went weird.

So I decided to be the sober driver for the night and get all the praise from my wonderful friends.

I drove into town and parked in the Civic car park.

Once I was parked and paid for my parking ticket we all headed to Bar 101 to grab a normal refreshing lemonade.

After dancing my ass of at Bar 101 for the night (this is what the dancefloor looks like);



Yep as you can imagine the crowd and DJ was going off.

After several more lemonades for me, (and several more vodka lemonades for my friends) we decided to call it a night at two in the morning.

We walked allll the way up Queen street back to Civic carpark to find one big problem;

I had locked my keys in my car…

Yep I had shut my keys off in the boot of my car when I grabbed my sweatshirt from the back.

Considering all my friends were absolutely off their face, they all decided to fall on the ground and laugh their asses off at me.

I panicked for about 5 minutes wondering how on earth we were going to get home, until I remember the tip that a locksmith winter park friend had taught me, use a shoelace to unlock your car door (however I would like to point out this only works on older model cars not newer cars, I have an old ford focus so it works perfectly).

This is a good video that describes exactly how I unlocked my car at two in the morning with five totally drunk friends

Anyways thats all for this post.

Speak soon!




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A typical day’s work hours will always range from 8 to 10 hours and as such it can be calculated to mean that you spend at least 1/3rd of your day at work on every working day of the week. This is an awful lot of time to spend in a particular place per day and as such it is very important that you know how to treat people at your place of work be it your fellow colleagues whether a junior or even a senior colleague, your boss, your employees or even your clients or customers as the case may be. When the environment is conducive for everyone, it will be a happy place to spend a lot of time in and it will also be a lucrative place of business or work.


How People are treated in the workplace


There are many ways that people can be treated in the workplace but there are however good ways that people should be treated at the workplace and these are some of the suggested ways of treating people right at your place of work irrespective of who the person is:


  1. Show respect: it is important that you treat everyone around you at your place of work with some degree of respect as this will foster unity, peace and a better environment or atmosphere at work. Some ways of showing respect to people include but are not limited to being courteous, polite, kind, encouraging, a good listener to people in your work environment. Avoid being too critical, insulting, a bully, a person who steals ideas, a gossip in your place of work as this will go to show that you do not have respect for the feelings of the other person. Try as much as you can to avoid cutting people off when they are voicing their opinions, shouting people down whether before other people or even in private. This goes to show lack of respect.


  1. Reward system: try to have a kind of reward system imbibed into your place of work for staff as this will encourage the members of staff to put in their best at work. Always acknowledge those whose idea were implemented one way or the other by the company that yielded a positive result and this will go a long way to encourage the employees to brainstorm and think of ways or ideas that will help move the company forward. The reward system is always a good way of treating people in the workplace. Also encourage your clients or customers with one kind of promotion or the other. It is also like a reward system to the customers.


  1. Be Fair: the last but not the least of the point that will be mentioned here is the factor of being fair to all employees, colleagues and customers. Try as much as you can not to treat one customer, employee or even colleague better than you treat another. Try to avoid favorites and even if you do, try not to be glaring about it. Avoid comparing one colleague with another in a derogatory manner as this will show favoritism on your part as an employer. Do not leave a customer unattended to while attending to another customer as this will make the customer feel bad and may decide never to come back to your place of work. You can explain the need to attend to the other customer to him or her and make sure that the reason is well understood and taken in good faith.


It is good to treat people equally, with respect and fairly at your workplace whether as an employee, employer, colleague or even a client or customer.

This article was helped by Workplace Partners Adelaide. These guys are an absolute lifesaver. They can sort out any issue you may ever have in the workplace. Go check em out by clicking the blue link in this post

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Why are dentists so expensive

Posted By on Jan 8, 2016

Dentists are bloody expensive

Sure you can get some dentists that get subsidized by the Government.

However the majority of these times these dentists are just terrible. Since they don’t have the incentive (cough money cough).

I’ve had a few mates that couldn’t afford a private dentist (for personal reasons that I don’t really want to go into). And the level of service that they got from a subsidized dentist was poor to say they least.

However I recently had to get one of my roots pulled (one of the most painful things in the entire world), and I went to a dentist that was high recommended to me by a mate.

They are the Freedom Dental Melbourne branch. Awesome service and a very affordable price (right that was the point of this post christ?!).

Anyways the main reason why dentists are so expensive is simply because of the training and time investment that is put into them.

It takes many years of Uni to become a dentist and an awfully large amount of student debt.

And after all that time and money you have to stare down someones mouth all day fixing their teeth.

Not exactly an ideal job is it.

Anyway that’s about it, until next time!



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Alright let’s imagine. The girl of your dreams just agreed to go on a date with you and she’s meeting at your place in an hour. The place is a pigsty. What are you going to do? Get cleaning dude.
There’s almost no bigger turn-off than a messy guy. No girl likes wading through your junk to get to the couch. No girl wants to smell your leftovers from the night before or even worse, your last trip to the little boy’s room.
I’ll keep this quick for you. P.W.T.S: Pick Up, Wipe, Trash, Spray. This is the fastest way to clean up your place, or at least make it look like you cleaned up.
Pick up all your junk. Put it where it’s supposed to be and after using it put it back there. This ain’t hard, this is basic stuff.
Wipe down all the mess. Don’t leave all those puddles of whatever sitting there. This’ll take five minutes at the most for most rooms, I’m sure you’re not THAT messy right?
Trash. Throw anything that you don’t need in the trash. You don’t want to end up on the next season of Hoarders do you? Pick it up, Throw it away.
And last but not least Spray. Make all those terrible smells go away with a good spray of aerosol. Not too much but definitely not too little. This will put the finishing touch on your place and guarantee a good first impression.
Well what are you waiting for, hop to it dude.


This post was sponsored and inspired by http://www.cleaningquotes.co.nz/ for the lazy lovers of Auckland that can’tr be bothered getting their hands messy

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Buying a mattress is never easy.

Buying a mattress on the internet is almost impossible.

I mean think about it.

If your going to be purchasing a product where you will spend 50 percent of your life in, you want to make sure its damn good quality.

It is for this exact reasons that I had such a big struggle a few months ago when I moved into my new flat. All I wanted to do was buy mattress online! I didn’t want to get hundreds of people telling me about what was good and what was bad. I just wanted to buy a simple, affordable mattress, that would suit my body and lifestyl.

After much searching I finally got a recommendation from a friend to check out bedworks, a fantastic Australian mattress company. After going to their site and chatting with their friendly support I eventually decided on a pillow top mattress that was perfect for me in every way possible.

Go check out Bedworks guys!

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When it comes to insurance in New Zealand, most people cower and wince immediately. (Just look at posts like this http://www.stuff.co.nz/business/money/68820807/Insurance-when-the-worst-almost-happens)

We are constantly bombarded with ads from insurance companies, and when we finally do decide to set time aside to complete the god awful task of insurance it usually takes days and days of pain and anguish to complete.

Recently I had a friend that wanted to purchase some health insurance (he get sick often, so he thought it would be a good idea).

He is a young person like myself, and he wanted to work with a business that worked well with young people, as he had heard horror stories about the big insurance companies in NZ that treat young people like crap.

After a simple Google search of insurance brokers nz we came across the website of; www.finsol.co.nz

We reached out to them and we heard back from one of their reps within under an hour! Ten points for customer service right off the bat.

They then walked us through the very easy process of finding the best insurance company for our needs/wants. The whole process only took a few hours and my friend was more then stoked!

We highly recommend you check out finsol.co.nz if you are in the need of insurance in NZ

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A self illuminating exit sign is a clear and vividly visible exit sign which directs people toward and through the appropriate emergency exits from your building, in the event of an emergency resulting in a loss of general power and/or interior lighting. In the many big business and industrial buildings which exist today with interior rooms and long stretches of corridor — places which receive no natural lighting, due to a lack of windows or other exposure to the outside — this is a critical function towards ensuring your visitors and employees’ safety in the event of an emergency.
Speaking broadly, there are two primary types of self illuminating exit signs which have proven to be the most popular in existence today. These are photoluminescent exit signs, and radioluminescent exit signs. They differ slightly in the principles on which they function, and in terms of where and how they might be most efficiently used — as well as in lifespan, although even the comparatively short-lived radioluminescent exit sign will still last for upwards of twenty years (a photoluminescent exit sign can continue to function, potentially, for centuries).
A self illuminating exit sign, as the name would suggest, works through the function of chemical properties that will never simply break down or stop working. It requires no monitoring, is always “on,” and — most importantly to its desired function — it requires no connection to the electrical grid, nor any externalized power source of any kind. It doesn’t even need batteries. Aside from saving money through decades or more of operation without an electrical connection, this makes the self illuminating exit sign simple and easy to install: only basic tools are necessary, and the services of an electrician are not required. It also makes the signs self-contained, which means they can be build of impact-resistant and anti-corrosive materials, and be completely protected from outside environmental considerations or tampering.
Typically, all you need to do to “maintain” a self illuminating exit sign is to occasionally dry-wipe it, to ensure that it remains unobscured by dust or other particulate material. The odd cleaning spray — followed by a wipe — couldn’t hurt, but even this much effort isn’t a regular necessity.
How It Works
The two aforementioned types of self illuminating exit sign function on similar basic principles. The photoluminescent exit sign consists of glowing phosphorescent letters on a starkly contrasting background. It requires exposure, under normal conditions of building operations, to an external light source — from which it will absorb photons. This requirement, recommended to be at least five foot-candles of illumination to which the face of the sign is direction exposed, makes the photoluminescent exit sign unsuitable for all-night operation, and for areas which normally receive less than optimal illumination. In the event of a sudden blackout or general loss of power, however, a photoluminescent sign which has been appropriately located will release its stored photos gradually over time — its illumination may, depending upon how it is manufactured, last for several hours, and be clearly visible from up to seventy-five feet away.
A radioluminescent exit sign involves the use, typically, of tritium — a natural isotope of hydrogen gas which exists within the Earth’s atmosphere. Tritium slowly sheds excess electrons as it breaks down into standard hydrogen. These electrons, called “beta electrons,” are so low-energy that they may be stopped by a single sheet of paper — their shock-resistant glass tubing, and the sign’s industrial-grade, impact-resistant plastic construction are more than sufficient to do the job. Should the shatter-resistant plastic and the multiple interior tubes of a radioluminescent exit sign all be broken at once, someone standing directly over the sign would receive less radiation than they would normally experience naturally over the course of a few months — equivalent to the difference in radioactivity involved in moving from a sea level location to an altitude of approximately five thousand feet.
As the tritium gives off electrons, they interact with the phosphorescent coating on their glass tubes, causing a constant and steady glow. The illumination of a radioluminescent exit sign is typically weaker than that given off by a phosphorescent exit sign, but they require no external light source — and they won’t fade after a few hours.
With the half-life of tritium gas, a radioluminescent exit sign can potentially last from ten to twenty years.
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