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Choosing a wedding photographer is not an easy task.

You don’t know what style of photos you want, where the location of the photos will be shot, who you want to be in the photos, and so many other problems that spring to mind.

So to hopefully take a little bit of the stress out of choosing a photographer, I have called upon my good friend Jeremy who runs a Wedding Photographers Auckland company to give us a few short points about choosing the best wedding photographer.

1 – Talk about costs before the big day. I have heard so many horror stories from fellow photographers that take the most beautiful photos of a clients wedding, pack up there gear, and send them an invoice a few days later, only to have the client scream in shock at how expensive the price is.

First of all I would like to say that wedding photography is no easy gig. First off our equipment can easily be worth up to ten thousand dollars alone, as we want to get the highest quality of photos for your wedding. Secondly it has taken us literally years of trial and practice to learn the arts and the techniques to shoot the most beautiful wedding photos possible.

So if the price is high please don’t complain. However it is VERY important that you talk with the photographer before your big day about the price of your wedding photos. That way you can choose a price point that fits your wants and needs in the best way possible.

2 – Create examples of wedding photos that you like. This enables the photographer to truly crawly inside your mind and understand what you want for your Wedding. If you don’t provide examples the wedding photographer will be “shooting fish in a barrel” so to speak, and he can’t read your mind. Be specific so that you can get the best wedding photos possible!

Thanks so much Jeremy. Once again if you want to contact Jeremy and his team just click this link; http://simple-weddings.co.nz/contact-us/.


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How’s your business Auckland doing lately? Is it doing well or not? If it is not, then you might consider going for SEO Auckland. It will help you big time when it comes to getting more customers for your business. There are quite a number of companies offering such service. One thing you should remember is to go for a company who is offering quality service over affordability.

You should aim for getting the best service there is in order to get the best of SEO has to bring to your business. At the end of the day, you want to make sure you get value for every penny you have paid for. Be sure you take your pick according to quality and results.

The following are the reasons why you should go for quality over affordability when it comes to SEO Auckland:

1. SEO leaves footprints.

Do you know that SEO leaves footprints of your website online? This means whatever links have been posted online pointing to your site can be tracked and followed. Whether the links are spread out yesterday or 10 months ago it does not matter. It will still be right there imprinted on the Internet. Therefore, you want to make sure not just a bunch of newbie is going to do SEO Auckland for your website. Or else, the footprints are going to be imprinted and you can not get rid of the bad reputation or links out there.

2. People can track you.

Again, with the footprints SEO can imprint in relation to your website people can also track you down. Imagine, your competitors tracking down every move your business make on the Internet world. This is the reason why you need to make sure no negative publicity will be published as much as possible. Or, they can be used against you. Little bad things can add up and it might be the cause of your demise. Therefore, be careful as to how you go about with your site being optimized with an SEO Auckland expert.

3. Positive results guaranteed over time.

Lastly, when you go for quality SEO you can be assured of that you are going to reap the benefits. This means you are getting positive results during the course of time. One thing you will be able to notice you are getting the right people visiting your site, then sales start to increase. This means good news for your business. You are going on the right track. It would be made possible if quality work is done over optimizing your website for search engines. Better have your eyes open towards the right person to do the SEO work.

So, do your research! /Be sure you have a list of factors you are looking for in an SEO Auckland company. In this way, you can get a shortlist and from there you pick which one you should go for.

One company we found that looked very good and very professional, was this company; SEOZealand, check out there marketing video below or go to there site by clicking HERE

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As they say, transportation is one of the signs that a country is progressing. May it be by, land by see or by air, travelling is not comfortable without the right transportation. You may be riding a car, a bus or a train, the more comfortable the mode of travel is, the better. Some may find happiness in walking but when the roads are long and rough, everyone will definitely opt to choose to hitch a ride. In many countries, there are countless modes of transportation. Some have horse-driven carriage. Others have motorcycles and bicycle while long distance land travel employ bus and trains. In New Zealand, there are various way to travel.

There are numerous public transportation that is widely available all throughout the country but if you want to travel between the north island and south island, riding the train is the best way to go. Although railway transport in New Zealand if more focused in carrying freight instead of passengers, there are urban railway system in the country’s populated area such as Wellington and Auckland. And what’s amazing is that they are continuing to expand and upgrade their services. The railway in New Zealand came in to realization between 1860 to 1870. The local government felt that it essential for the country to have a railway transit for its economical development.


Thus the office opened the first public railway at Canterbury and Ferrymead while first ever steamed-powered train route was between Christchurch and Ferryland. When the construction of the railway started, its main focus was to link the hinterlands to the ports. After many years numerous private railway were created to supplement the need of the industry, specially mining. New Zealand’s biggest industry is mining and most of the materials that are mined in the country are coal, timber, gold, lime, cements and even stone. That is why the railway system is such an important way to transport these items. As of now, most of the industrial railways has now been closed. Currently, the Department of Conservation is managing around 32 rail heritage site. These heritage sites are open to all visitors, local and foreigners alike. Among the many rail heritage sites are Onoke Railway Quarry in Northland.

There is also the Kauri Timber Company Tramway in Auckland as well. But the most number of heritage railway are that of the Bay of Plenty. There are about 8 heritage railway sites in the area. Ranging from Butler’s Incline Track to Karangahake Historic Walkway to the Woodstock Tramway, you have many places to visit. There are 60 different operators for the rail heritage and museum. The operators include street ram ways and railways as well. This only goes to show that there are many options of heritage sites that you can choose from. It is not just isolated in one location rather you can find multiple rail heritage sites in one area alone. So if you love transportation and you have a knack for trains and the railway then this is the ultimate travel destination for you. But if that is not enough and you enjoy the feel of the rustic metal that a train is made off, then you can definitely find it here in New Zealand.

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The Maori Art Of New Zealand

The Maori Art Of New Zealand

Posted By on Mar 12, 2015

Express yourself! This is what we often hear coming from creative minds as they describe their works. Art is a form of expression. A way to showcase one’s creativity and artistic side. Art is diverse, evolving and unique. May it be in the form of imagination or skills and technique, art delivers vast output depending on the artist. Art invokes emotions and communicates with its audience. There are different art cultures for every country and for New Zealand, their art is highly influenced by their Polynesian ancestry.

Maori-cultural-buildings-of-art-New-Zealand-NativesThe Polynesians are considered highly artistic group of people. They form myths in order to depict their life, their struggle, their way of living as well as their gods and their heroes. They are creative people, learning how to carve, paint and convey thought provoking pieces. That is where the New Zealand art came from. The Maori culture is where New Zealand artist get their inspiration. They gain their ideas from the legend and history of their country.

There are many known artist from New Zealand. Among them are Alan Duff and Keri Hulme. Alan Duff is a novelist as well as a columnist in a local newspaper. He is popular for writing the book “Once Were Warriors” which has a wide reader-base that a movie was created with the same title. His first work was a thriller novel but it was rejected right away.


Because of his frustration, he burnt the manuscript of the book and started writing “Once Were Warriors” and instantly clicked.The book by Duff tells the story of an urban Maori family and how domestic violence is lived in New Zealand. On the other hand, Keri Hulme only wrote one novel and it became a hit. She wrote the book, The “Bone People” which eventually won the Booker Prize in 1985. Before the book was even published, Hulme had to face hardship as she had been turned down by many publishing companies. But Hulme did not lose hope and found a small publishing company called Spiral who tied up with English publishing house Hodder & Stoughton and the rest is history. The Book is about a story of Love and the title came from The Maori’s use of bones as a tool and used in their art works. But aside from Hulme and Duff, there are other literary artist known in New Zealand.

They are Hone Tuwhare, Patricia Grace and Eleanor Catton whose book “The Luminaries” was also awarded by the prestigious Man Booker Prize in 2013. But among the many form of arts that are highly regarded in New Zealand, the film industry is the most thriving right now. Many producers are encouraged to shell out expensive productions as the government is giving out incentives as well. But other than that, many producers tend to choose New Zealand as their setting because of its very scenic places. It is full of natural beauty that it registers quite well in the lenses. This only goes to show that art is important to the people of New Zealand. Whether it is traditional art of the modern art, art will always have a pace here.

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New Zealand has a lot of history, starting way back before it was first discovered by Dutch Explorers. It is an island composed of two main land masses separated by the Cook Straight. The north side of the island is called TeIka-a-Maui in Maori while the south side is called TeWaipounamu. Although the south side of the island is larger compared in size, the northern island is more populous. Aside from the two main islands, the country is surrounded by small islands which adds to its cultural diversity and beauty. The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington however it is not the most populous. Most of the people flocked to a place called Auckland. Auckland is found at the north island. According to the 2014 Mercer Quality of Living Survey, Auckland is ranked in third place among the places in the world in which living is comfortable.


It is most known as the City of Sails, SuperCity and Queen City among others. New Zealand is run by a constitutional monarchy incorporated with parliamentary democracy. Just like in England, the country also acknowledges Queen Elizabeth II as the Queen of New Zealand and the head of state as well. Although the country’s agricultural economy is stabilized, their tourism and manufacturing are also booming. It boast of its open economy after it has been reformed in the mid-80s. Because of this, the country has made a strong bond with not only their closest country, Australia but also Japan and the USA as well. But the most important economic tie up that New Zealand has made was that they are the only western country that was able to sign a free trade deal with China. This only shows how New Zealand’s growing economic prowess.


But the country is not only popular for their economy. Right now, visitors and tourist are flocking to the country for their diverse culture and landscape. New Zealand boast of the best of both worlds. They had glaciered mountain tops but on the other hand, they also have beaches. Since the country has a number of volcanoes, thermal spring is also present and tourist are enjoying it. But what tourist love the most about New Zealand is their natural resources. Because the country is well hidden geographically, much of its flora and fauna are kept intact giving them a range of unique and diversified ecosystem. Another common change is the country’s immigration pattern. Recently, New Zealand has seen a growth of immigrants coming from the Pacific Islands most especially in Asia.

Since many Asians speak English as their second language, that is why they felt that migrating to a country which has English as the predominant language easier to adapt. With regards to entertainment, New Zealand has a high standard for film. The country offers varied scenic location but aside from that, the government of New Zealand highly supports such endeavors thus encouraging producers to produce big budget films. Whether you are thinking of travelling to New Zealand for a vacation or for migration, the country indeed has a lot to offer.

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When you talk about foods, your mouth starts to water. Just think about those lovely prawns and those big lobsters sitting on a plate in front of you. Or those steaks and scallops as well? But wait have you ever tried the Lolly log Cake or the Kiwi Bread? How about that Marinade Lamb or Maori Hangi? You’ve got it right! Just hearing Maori Hangi and you would already know that we are talking about the foods in New Zealand. New Zealand is a gastronomical wonder. Their cuisine is influenced by their locally grown ingredients coupled with their seasonal variations.

Because of this the New Zealand dishes are full of foods from the land and the sea. They have a major take on the British cuisine but not only that, they also have a touch of the Pacific and Mediterranean flavor. Because of this, eating food in New Zealand is a haven of multiple flavors. In New Zealand, their main meal is called a “tea” and this is their dinnertime. The most influential cuisine in the area is the Maori Cuisine. The Maori had arrived in New Zealand first way before it was discovered by the British.


When they arrived in the country, they brought with them their plants including the ti plant, taro and their sweet potato called kumara. Unfortunately, these plants are only accustomed to the northern island and do not survive in the southern area where the weather is cold. The original Maori food consist of the fernroot plant and the insect huhu grub. Their food where cooked in earth oven. But the Maori cuisine has since evolved.

Now Maori dishes are a fusion of the tradition food incorporated with contemporary dishes as well as old-fashioned English cooking technique. Among the most characteristic food of the Maori are the indigenous food and the combination of boiling kumara, pork and potatoes, added with dumplings as well as pork and puha. There is also the Maori bread which is made up of fermented potatoes. But since most the people living in New Zealand are of Pakeha descent, it is not surprise that the cuisine is also influenced by the British cookery. It is good to note that New Zealand has also made an impact in the food made in other countries. New Zealand is home to many world renowned chefs including Justin North, Iain Hewitson and Philip Johnson. Aside from that the highly exported food called pavlova has been the subject of debate over where is first originated.

Besides that, New Zealand is also known for their wines. There are around ten major wine producing areas in New Zealand and among the most popular of then are Gisborne which has a popular chardonnay. There is also Hawkes Bay for their cabernets and when you are there you should try Marlboroughsauvignon blanc. No matter what your taste buds are looking for, may it be foods from the lands or of the sea, you will definitely find it in the restaurants in New Zealand. You can even visit their wine yards and enjoy a stroll along the luscious grape while talking a sip on your glass.

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