Play and Pack; FAQ

There are typically not lots of questions about its use and play and a pack, but occasionally we run across several places which are needing clarification. Here are a few questions that get asked frequently.

Do I have to purchase sheets to go on the mattress?

Some versions have sheets which can be fitted to the mattress that is enclosed, and some don’t. If you need to keep your infant off its surface you can buy sheets extra if you need them, or use a blanket.

Is the best pack ‘n play simple to keep clean?

Yes. Most versions can be washed off using a soapy, moist material. Disinfectant wipes or this may be used to keep the surfaces clean. Some attributes have material covers such as some of nappers, the changers or bassinets. These are able to be machine washed and air dried to ensure they can be not dirty for each use.

Does it come with a carrying tote?

Most versions come with some type of taking choice. Some have a back pack style carrying case others have a zippered tote which is used to take the entire thing in. And many versions were created so the mattress comes out and wraps around the unit that was folded up so it’s simple to take. Regardless of what type of taking tote the merchandise comes with they are made to be mobile.

Do all versions have a bassinet?

No. Some do possess almost any attribute that is bassinet although some have unique bassinet accessories. A few are designed with an unique bassinet characteristic that will be more like a raised mattress which can be utilized at various heights determined by how big the kid.

Are versions simple to create and take down?

Yes. Every product may have its characteristics and process for setting up and folding up, but they can be designed to be readily taken down and set back up.

Can a playard be used for sleeping?

Yes, they may be used for playing, sleeping or resting. The napper and bassinet attributes were created to provide a safe surface for infants to sleep on and the mattress was made to be used by toddles for playing or sleeping.

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Painting Your Nails  


Nails that are perfectly painted with awesome nail art can reflect your personality, reflect your mood and match your outfit especially with the wide range of colors to choose from available today. You can go with happy yellow, classic red, creative green, shiny blue, mysterious purple among others. Painting your nails without making a mess of it can be tricky affair. However, there are ways in which you can paint your nails and achieve that beautiful polished look without having to visit a professional.

Use Basecoat

A basecoat of clear nail polish is what you need to apply to get you started. Your chosen polish will have a smooth surface to stick to when you apply a basecoat first. The basecoat will protect your nails from staining due to the colored polish and also helps the color to last longer. Before proceeding, you should let the base coat to be fully dry so as not to mess the whole process. You can work with two types of base coat polishes. One is a standardizer and the other one is a ridgefiller. The ridgefiller gives the nail a smooth surface for painting on while the strengthener gives the nail protection for longer and stronger growth.

Use the Three Strokes Rule

Beauty and manicure experts agree that the easiest method and one that does not create mess during application is the three stripe rule. It means that you should cover your nail surface with polish with three strokes, one downwards and one on each side of the nails. It can be messy around the cuticles but it requires some time to get it right. Make sure that your brush has enough polish to cover the whole nail with a single stroke without having to dip it inside the bottle again.

Allow the first polish to dry before application of the second coat

Majority of nail polishes require two coats or layers while some will require up to three. It is advisable to apply many thin layers instead of applying one thick one. When done that way, there are less chances of smudging and the final result will be neat. The nail polish must be allowed to completely dry from one application to the next. Drying will take at most five minutes. Try to be careful and patient. Do not rush the job as you might end up not doing the work well.

Use a top coat that dries quickly

Once your subsequent layers of polish have dried, you can then proceed to apply a clear top coat. This adds an extra shine and prevents the color from chipping. Make sure to apply the top coat on top of the colored paint and the underside of each nail at the top side. This is to help the color from chipping away at the top while adding extra strength and support for longevity.

Cleaning up

Once you are done with applying the nail polish and you are satisfied with the results, you can then proceed to clean up any stains that might have happened along the way. Use a nail polish remover and go around the nail edges to remove any mess left behind.


Painting your nails is an activity that requires patience and a lot of care. You might be upset that the results are not what you might have expected on the first day of application. However, with regular practice, you can even make it your day job.


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